Month: June 2020

Calls for Papers

Personalism and Moral Psychology: Re-Humanizing Economies and Organizations

FRONTIERS / ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Special issue on Personalism and Moral Psychology: Re-Humanizing Economies and Organizations SPECIAL ISSUE GUEST EDITORS:  Kleio Akrivou (Henley Bus. School University of Reading, UK), Domènec Melé (IESE Business School), Germán Scalzo (Universidad Panamericana, Mexico), & Caleb Bernacchio (IESE Business School) In late modernity, social and economic responses to ecological, health-related, and societal […]


Call for Nominations and Expression of Interest: Editor in Chief of “Business Ethics Quarterly”

The Executive Board of the Society for Business Ethics invites nominations and expressions of interest to become the next Editor in Chief of Business Ethics Quarterly, to serve a five-year term beginning in August of 2021. Business Ethics Quarterly (BEQ) is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Society for Business Ethics (SBE) through […]

Calls for Papers

VIRTEU VAT Fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax Crimes in the European Union

Dr Costantino Grasso (Coventry University, UK) is delighted to announce that his project VIRTEU (Grant Agreement no: 878619) has been awarded funding by the European Union under the HERCULE III programme managed by the European Commission’s Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). VIRTEU is an eighteen-month (April 2020 – September 2021) high-profile legal research project, which includes both […]

Member News

Rosemarie Monge Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at University of St. Thomas

Rosemarie Monge was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure in the Department of Ethics and Business Law at the Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas. Professor Monge’s research is in normative ethics, with an emphasis on examining the normative foundations for managerial responsibility. Her most recent work concerns the importance of intention and […]

Member News

Lauren Taylor Awarded Doctor of Philosophy by Harvard University

Lauren A. Taylor, 2019 Society for Business Ethics Emerging Scholar and Founders’ Award recipient, was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the subject of Health Policy and Management by Harvard University on 28 May 2020. Dr. Taylor’s dissertation, “Ethical and Strategic Issues in Non-Profit Resource Management,” is comprised of three papers. Using qualitative […]

Member News

“Ethical Theory and Business” by Arnold, Beauchamp, and Bowie

Ethical Theory and Business, 10th ed. Cambridge University Press ISBN-13: 978-1108435260. ISBN-10: 1108435262 For forty years, successive editions of Ethical Theory and Business have helped to define the field of business ethics. The 10th edition reflects the current, multidisciplinary nature of the field by explicitly embracing a variety of perspectives on business ethics, including philosophy, […]

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Marta Rocchi and Andrea Roncella win first prize ex-aequo of the Ethics & Trust in Finance Global Award

The two young scholars, both members of the Society for Business Ethics, won the international competition, organized by the Observatoire de la Finance, with their articles entitled: “Technomoral Financial Agents: Ethics in the Fintech Era” (Marta Rocchi), and “Finance Needs ‘Bilinguals’ Too” (Andrea Roncella & Luca Roncella). The prize ceremony took place in Paris, at […]

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“The Search for Ethics in Leadership, Business, and Beyond” by Joanne Ciulla

Joanne B. Ciulla, The Search for Ethics in Leadership, Business, and Beyond, Eminent Voices in Business Ethics Series, Springer, 2020 This book brings together a wide range of topics in leadership ethics and business ethics. It approaches these topics from the perspective of the humanities as well as the social sciences. About half of […]

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“Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants”

Brooks, Leonard J. and Dunn, Paul, Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants, ninth edition (Cengage Learning)  Len Brooks and Paul Dunn are pleased to announce the release of the ninth edition of their textbook, the only textbook that covers both business ethics and professional accounting ethics in practical terms. It combines explanatory […]

Letter from the Executive Director

From the Executive Director

What a few months it has been since the last SBE Newsletter! No adjective seems to do them justice. To all who are reading this message who have experienced personal or professional hardship since January, I send my warmest regards. To all who are reading this message, I thank you for your continuing involvement in […]