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Personalism and Moral Psychology: Re-Humanizing Economies and Organizations

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Special issue on Personalism and Moral Psychology: Re-Humanizing Economies and Organizations

SPECIAL ISSUE GUEST EDITORS:  Kleio Akrivou (Henley Bus. School University of Reading, UK), Domènec Melé (IESE Business School), Germán Scalzo (Universidad Panamericana, Mexico), & Caleb Bernacchio (IESE Business School)

In late modernity, social and economic responses to ecological, health-related, and societal challenges have focused on the quest for production and profit. In doing so, they have relied on impersonal frameworks that result in environmental damage and consider human beings’ very right to flourishing irrelevant or peripheral. Consideration of the person as the core catalyst for creating a more humane and sustainable future therefore remains a crucial task. In light of this, it needs to be asked whether our theoretical understandings of human beings, their actions, and their potentiality are genuinely fit for the complicated challenges we face. The present Research Topic explores this question from the philosophical-anthropological tradition of “personalism” in order to spur a renewal of the humanistic foundations of organizational psychology.

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