The “SBE Best ‘Practical Solutions’ Award” is given to the paper presented at the annual meeting that provides the most significant practical and immediate impact on the life of employees.

The award is funded by Denis Collins, Professor Emeritus of Edgewood College. Denis earned his doctorate in Business Environment & Public Policy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1990 and published many articles and several books, including Business Ethics: Best Practices for Designing and Managing Ethical Organizations, Third Edition (2022) with Patricia Kanashiro, and The Future 500: How to Build Companies with Character (2022) with Seth Collins.

Denis’ first paper presentations were at the 1988 Society for Business Ethics and the Academy of Management’s Social Issues in Management annual conference. He served on the editorial boards of Journal of Business Ethics and Business and Society Review. Denis received several teaching and service awards at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Edgewood College.

Denis dedicated his life to teaching MBA and undergraduate students, executives and mid-level managers, and other professors how to create ethical organizations. The award is meant to carry on the tradition of practical and meaningful applied publications. Denis transitioned full-time into the spiritual realm in 2021 after surviving a life-threatening cancer and living with several terminal illnesses for 25 years.

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Hear from Denis Collins, Patricia Kanashiro, and Seth Collins below: