Emerging Scholars


One of the most valuable accomplishments of the Society for Business Ethics is the warm and collegial mentorship environment it has created for PhD students. For a number of years the society has coordinated a mentorship program before starting to hold a special workshop for our emerging scholar PhD students at its Annual Conference.

The emerging scholars accepted will additionally receive the Founders’ Award. This award is given to promising PhD students in the field of business ethics, and is named for the farsighted professors who organized the Society in 1980.

The Society also covers the Emerging Scholars annual membership fees as well as their Presidential Luncheon tickets at the Annual Conference.

To apply for the Emerging Scholars Program, Ph.D candidates may submit an abstract to the Annual Conference of between 750 and 1,000 words describing a research project in business ethics or related domains. The deadline for application is usually in February.

Abstracts should include a short list of relevant citations and include a cover page with full contact information and affiliation.