Who We Are

We are a diverse, global group of students, scholars and business professionals from all disciplines, interested in the research, discussion, teaching and application of ethical business practices.

Our purpose is to provide a forum in which moral, legal, empirical and philosophical issues of business ethics may be openly discussed and analyzed. To this end, we promote the study, discussion and debate of business ethics. This is accomplished by publishing the scholarly journal, Business Ethics Quarterly and hosting an annual conference in August which provides a venue for presentations, workshops and panels focused on ethical business patterns, practices and protocols.


The Society for Business Ethics (SBE) was envisioned by a few philosophers meeting in Washington D.C. in 1978. By 1980, the SBE was established and in 1997 incorporated as a non-profit organization.

To read more about the history of the Society, Click here to read a historical account of the first 25 years of the association written by one of it’s Founders, Richard T. DeGeorge.