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June 2020, Member News

“Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants”

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Brooks, Leonard J. and Dunn, Paul, Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants, ninth edition (Cengage Learning) 

Len Brooks and Paul Dunn are pleased to announce the release of the ninth edition of their textbook, the only textbook that covers both business ethics and professional accounting ethics in practical terms. It combines explanatory text, cases, readings, and video references. Students explore the historical background, and the latest developments, controversies, and expectations in corporate governance, compliance, risk management, social performance, and professional accounting. The book emphasizes the need for and how to develop an ethical corporate culture and make decisions that reflect organizational values, ethics, and the expectations of stakeholders. It offers discussions and timelines of the milestone events and scandals that have driven the changes the ethics changes we face in business and professional accounting.

The book offers extensive coverage of the trend towards global accounting ethics standards intended to harmonize ethics codes and practices. It analyzes the new accounting requirements for ethics risk assessment, judgement impairment, and decision making by professional accountants. It discusses the latest challenges to confidentiality with the new rules requiring accountants to report on clients and employers that are not in compliance with laws and regulations. There are sections on corporate psychopaths, fraudsters, and forensic accounting.

To underscore the reality and importance of ethical issues, this edition provides 148 cases and numerous vignettes on a variety of topics, including accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, corporate governance, product safety, the environment, advertising, sales promotion, leadership, discrimination, the #MeToo movement, and other white-collar crimes. They provide excellent opportunities for role playing and the honing of soft skills, including communication, creative thinking, and professional skepticism that incorporates ethics into business decision making.

This book’s breadth and depth make it a useful resource for stand-alone courses or to support more than one course in the curriculum. Instructors have trusted this book for undergraduate, Master of Accountancy, MBA, and Executive MBA courses. Sections of the book and specific cases can be custom published for specific course needs or executive programs. Further information, including a Table of Contents, can be found here.