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Calls for Papers, June 2020

VIRTEU VAT Fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax Crimes in the European Union

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Dr Costantino Grasso (Coventry University, UK) is delighted to announce that his project VIRTEU (Grant Agreement no: 878619) has been awarded funding by the European Union under the HERCULE III programme managed by the European Commission’s Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

VIRTEU is an eighteen-month (April 2020 – September 2021) high-profile legal research project, which includes both comparative and interdisciplinary studies, and aims at exploring the interconnections between tax crimes and corruption so to unravel the intimate relationships that exist between fraudulent and corrupt practices in the area of taxation. VIRTUE enjoys the support of world-leading academics including, inter alia, Prof. Jennifer Arlen – New York University (Corporate Crime); Prof. Diane M. Ring – Boston College Law (Ethics in Taxation); Prof. Tina Søreide – Norwegian School of Economics (Economics of Corruption); and Prof. Nikos Passas – Northeastern University (Criminology).

Within VIRTEU, it has also been established a panel of honorary Research Associates and Senior Research Associates committed to voluntarily support the project through a 4,000-word report that will be published on VIRTEU official website and circulated to the European Union institutions. If it could be of any interest for you to join VIRTEU in that capacity exploring a topic within your areas of expertise please contact the Principal Investigator at