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Assistant Professor of History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology at Purdue University

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Assistant Professor of History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology

Job Summary
Tenure Track Assistant Professor in History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology
College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University

Date Available: Fall 2024

Principal Duties: The College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University invites applications for multiple tenure-track assistant professorships with scholarship in areas pertinent to the history, foundations, institutions, and functioning of the business sector and market economies. The successful candidate will have an active research agenda and an interest in developing and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses that connect with the interdisciplinary field of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Depending on their background and interest, successful candidates may be appointed in the Department of History, Philosophy, Political Science, or Sociology, as their tenure home, where they will contribute to the intellectual life of their department.

These positions include half of the teaching and curriculum design in Purdue’s innovative, nationally recognized Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts Program, which educates students across the university. These faculty will work to advance the Cornerstone for Business Certificate Program as well as teach in a two-course sequence in transformative texts which emphasizes works in political economy, political philosophy, political science, political sociology, and related foundational works. The Certificate will play a central role in transforming the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business in accordance with Daniels’ vision that it “be marked by graduates who embody the values of wisdom and creativity, grounded in a firm grasp of today’s technologies and their likely evolution and awareness of the history of progress that freedom of enterprise has created.”

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