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Business Ethics, Oxford University Press (Crane/Matten/Glozer/Spence, 5th edition) is available online

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Business Ethics, Oxford University Press (Crane/Matten/Glozer/Spence, 5th edition) is available online to students and faculty hit by COVID19.

We are pleased to announce that OUP have agreed access to the online version of this book. The request has to come from *University Librarians* as follows. Please pass to them if you wish your students to be able to use this resource over the next few months. We hope it is useful and send all students and colleagues our best wishes.

The instructions are as follows:

In order to get access, the institution’s Librarian needs to email and ask them to set it up as some integration will need to take place. The librarian will need to inform Kortext that this is a request as a direct result of COVID-19, and to provide them with the name and eISBN of the text, or probably this link: They do not need to be an adopting institution to be granted access.

In terms of online resources, we are also offering free access to the lecturer resources even for those who do not adopt the text. For anyone who wants access to those resources they need to email the OUP publishing representative for that region who will then grant access. Links to our publishing reps can be found here:

NB: The request has to come from the Institution’s librarians, not individual faculty or students as the book will be made available via the library.

All the best
Sarah, Laura, Andy, Dirk

Laura J. Spence
Professor of Business Ethics
Associate Dean (Research)

School of Business and Management
School of Law and Social Sciences
McCrea 2-39

NB: I neither expect nor require a response outside of your normal working hours.