The 2021 Annual Conference

Monday, July 26 – Friday, July 30

Thank you to all who attended the 2021 virtual conference. This year included special features like the new “Coffee with an Author” sessions, the launch of our Junior Scholars Network, and an opening plenary on racial justice and business ethics. We welcomed members from all over the world, with over 50 papers presented by attendees tuning in from all over the globe.


Future Conferences

Save the date for upcoming conferences!

2022 – August 5-7 in Seattle, Washington, USA
2023 – August 4-6 In Boston, MASSACHUSETTS, USA

Thank You

Best Conference Paper Award Committee
Thomas Donaldson, U. of Pennsylvania (Chair)
Helet Botha, The George Washington U.
Matthew Caulfield, West Chester U.

Best Dissertation Award Committee
Emilio Marti, Erasmus U. (Chair)
Ryan Fehr, U. of Washington
Kendy Hess, College of the Holy Cross
Hannah Trittin, Leuphana U. Lüneburg

BEQ Outstanding Article Award Committee
Andreas Rasche, Copenhagen Business School
Jeffrey Moriarty, Bentley U.
Scott Reynolds, U. of Washington

Presidential Achievement Award Committee
Jeff Frooman, U. of New Brunswick (Chair)
Bruce Barry, Vanderbilt U.
Kirsten Martin, U. of Notre Dame
Christopher Michaelson, U. of St. Thomas
Alejo Sison, U. of Navarra
Danielle Warren, Rutgers U.

SBE Best Practical Solutions Award of 2021
Seth Collins
Patricia Kanashiro, Loyola U. Maryland

Emerging Scholars Program Reviewers
Kendy Hess, College of the Holy Cross
Robbin Derry, U. of Lethbridge

The Society for Business Ethics would also like to thank Florian Krause and Joé T. Martineau for leading the Emerging Scholars Program, and all the Emerging Scholars mentors who generously donated their time and expertise.

Keynote Speaker

Govind Persad

Fair global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines: the role of firms
Govind Persad, Assistant Professor, U. of Denver Sturm College of Law

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Best Conference Paper Award of 2021


Tae Wan Kim, Carnegie Mellon U.; Joy Lu, Carnegie Mellon U.; Kyusong Lee, SOCO.AI; Zhaoqi Cheng, Carnegie Mellon U.; Yanhan Tang, Carnegie Mellon U.; John Hooker, Carnegie Mellon U.
When is it Permissible for Artificial Intelligence to Lie?


Jooho Lee, Pepperdine U.
Toward a Moral Theory of the Firm

Vontrese Pamphile, The George Washington U.; Christian Thoroughgood, Georgia State U.; Katina Sawyer, The George Washington U.
Making the Case for Diversity and Inclusion: The Role of Business, Fairness, and Leader Identity


Best Dissertation Award of 2021


Divya Jyoti, Doctorate awarded by Aston Business School
Living international corporate social responsibility: Experiences of workers in an internationalised factory in India


Oriane Georgeac, Doctorate awarded by London Business School
The Business Case For Diversity Backfires: Detrimental effects of organizations’ instrumental diversity rhetoric for underrepresented group members’ sense of belonging and performance

Mahak Nagpal, Doctorate awarded by Rutgers Business School
Moral ambiguity: an ethical examination of its constituents, effects and interventions

Presidential Achievement Awards of 2021

Daryl Koehn, DePaul U.

Elizabeth Scott, Eastern Connecticut State U.


BEQ Outstanding Article Award of 2020


Daniel Arenas, Laura Albareda, and Jennifer Goodman
Contestation in Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: Enhancing the Democratic Quality of Transnational Governance BEQ 30(2), 169-199.


Harrison Frye
The Ethics of Noncompete Clauses BEQ 30(2), 229-249.

Christian Linder and Siavash Farahbakhs
Unfolding the Black Box of Questionable Research Practices: Where Is the Line Between Acceptable and Unacceptable Practices?
BEQ 30(3), 335-360.


BEQ Outstanding Reviewer Award


Anne Antoni, Grenoble Ecole de Management