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16th Philosophy of Management Annual Conference

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16th Philosophy of Management Annual Conference June 21-24, 2024 (EM Normandie, Oxford, UK)


Call for Submissions:
The 16th edition of the Philosophy of Management Annual Conference will be held in Oxford, UK at the EM Normandie Oxford Campus, on 21-24 June 2024. As usual, it guarantees a 45-minute slot for each paper, for an unhurried presentation and in-depth discussion.

We welcome submissions that explore all angles of management in private or public organizations through a philosophical lens: e.g., applied ethics; social, moral and political philosophy; ontology; epistemology; axiology; aesthetics. In any of these areas, we encourage scholars to propose novel, critical, timely and/or controversial arguments. Submissions can also adopt a ‘meta-’ standpoint for raising and answering questions such as “What is philosophy of management?” “Is philosophy useful for managers?” “Is management a science or an art?” “Can management be part of the humanities and, if not, what else should it be part of?” We are looking forward to receiving your submissions by 31 January 2024.

The Conference is associated with the journal Philosophy of Management
( ) and, in addition to the general track, will host two special tracks for papers aiming to be submitted after the conference to one of the incoming special issues of this journal. If submitting for one of these special tracks, please mention it in the title of your paper.

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