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Director of Ethical Reasoning in Action at James Madison University

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“Ethical Reasoning in Action embodies and complements the University mission as we promise to prepare students to be “educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.” JMU already values and promotes integrity within its community, yet the complex society which our graduates enter calls us to do more. We aim to answer this call wholeheartedly through coordinated and enhanced curricular and co-curricular opportunities that employ an eight-question ethical reasoning framework.

The Director is responsible for the work of the Madison Collaborative: Ethical Reasoning in Action (ERiA), which includes:

  • Advocating for ethical reasoning and the 8 Key Question (8KQ) strategy on campus, nationally, and internationally, with a focus on connecting ERiA with an external audience and broadening its reach beyond campus and forming external partnerships.
  • Creating/developing new initiatives in response to perceived shifts in the educational landscape insofar as they serve ERiAs goal to increase ethical reasoning and use of the 8KQ strategy on campus and nationally.
  • Working effectively across divisions on campus.
  • Engaging in ethical reasoning scholarship relevant to the applicant’s field.
  • Teaching ethical reasoning in a way that is relevant to the applicant’s field.
  • Working with various partners to apply ethical reasoning across professional domains.”

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