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SBE Seeking Volunteers for the American Philosophical Association

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The Society for Business Ethics is seeking to recruit an SBE group representative for each of the Pacific, Central, and Eastern divisions of the American Philosophical Association (one volunteer per division).  These 3 volunteers would each organize an SBE session at one of the divisional conferences each year, maintaining SBE’s “affiliated group” status with the APA, and then report to the Board on the content of the session and the attendance.  The goal of these APA sessions is to advance philosophical inquiry into business ethics while also drawing attention to the SBE at the APA meetings, involving new people in SBE events, and providing interesting content to draw APA members to the SBE.


Each of the 3 volunteers would make a 3 year commitment (2023-2025) to do the following: 

  • Attend the APA division meeting yearly and oversee the SBE session.
  • Get the content of the sessions organized and reported to the APA by early fall (the APA deadlines are set, so things must be organized by late August typically)
  • Be in communication with the APA about each year’s session, and make sure all arrangements and payments are made to keep SBE in good standing as an affiliated group of the APA.
  • Communicate to the SBE board about the content and attendance at these APA sessions.


SBE will cover costs or reimburse for:

  • Any audiovisual and room costs for the APA session
  • The APA conference registration fee for the volunteer
  • Please note that SBE cannot cover costs for travel and accommodation to APA meetings.

*SBE can put you in contact with previous volunteers, to give you some idea of how sessions went in previous years.


Anyone interested and willing to commit to a 3 year term as volunteer, should send the following information to the SBE no later than August 1st.  

  1. Name and affiliation
  2. A brief explanation of why you are interested in the position, and what ideas you have for possible SBE sessions at the APA meetings, particularly the 2023 session.
  3. Which division session you would be willing to organize (Eastern, Central, or Pacific)?


If interested, please send the above information to Dr. Jason Stansbury SBE executive director, at by August 1st.  SBE needs to move quickly on this, and volunteers will be announced at the annual meeting in Seattle, if possible.  The SBE board is grateful for your consideration of this service need.