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Freedom, Subsidiarity, and the Spirit of Gift

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Title:  Freedom, Subsidiarity, and the Spirit of Gift

The 12th International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Business Education; the 8th Colloquium on Christian Humanism in Business and Society.

Location: University of Public Service – Ludovika, Budapest Hungary

Conference Dates: June 23-24, 2022

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2021

Registration opens February 1, 2022; early bird closes April 1, 2022; registration closes June 1, 2022.

Link to Call for Papers: Budapest Call for Papers


Business is a noble vocation when it serves the common good.  The way we shape business is crucial: business policies and practices can respect and promote human dignity, but they also can be detrimental.  The present challenges go across all fields of applied business, governance, and management.  This conference will explore how work should be guided by three distinct principles and values of Catholic Social Teaching.  First, the role of freedom and its effects, specifically for society and business; second, subsidiarity, a consequence of respect for freedom and the other persons’ gifts; and third, how thespirit of gift in the context of freedom impacts a free society.

The conference will include plenary sessions of keynote speakers and panelists, concurrent workshops and an evening event exploring how church, academia and politics intersect featuring Cardinal Peter Erdö, Archbishop of Esztergom and Katalin Novak, member of the National Assembly of Hungary.