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Calls for Papers

JBE Special Issue: Racial Justice and Business Ethics

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Journal Name: Journal of Business Ethics

Issue Title: Racial Justice and Business Ethics

Submission Deadline: October 1, 2021

AOM Paper Development Workshop draft submissions due: June 15, 2021 

Link to the full call: 


In response to the current Black Lives Matter movement, this issue seeks to create a forum for research on racial (in)justice and business in the North American and Caribbean context. It is vital that we, as a field of scholarship with a strong interest in social justice, recognize our own shortcomings and neglect in addressing racial justice issues. Our journals have published little in this area, our business ethics courses include few, if any, readings on racial justice, and our PhD students are frequently told that adopting such a focus is highly risky before tenure. Our familiar ethical theories and foundations all privilege white scholarship and settler colonialist perspectives on business while ignoring the disproportionate effects of social, economic, environmental, and historic disparities on communities of color. We aim to encourage new research streams to address this gulf. 

Given the outsize influence of business institutions in neoliberal and capitalist societies, it is essential to question the role of business in promoting, sustaining, or reifying racism, including considering the ways in which capitalism and slavery are intertwined. Further, it will be important to determine how political, corporate, and educational leaders aid in the generation of meaningful solutions to the problem of anti-Black racism. This must include an interrogation of the dominant theories of justice.  We welcome interdisciplinary perspectives and a range of theoretical frameworks and methods. We plan to host a paper development workshop at the Academy of Management. The deadline for submitting drafts to be reviewed at the AOM PDW will be June 15, but participation in the workshop is not be a requirement for submission to the special issue. Submissions for the PDW may be sent to Robbin Derry: or Paul Harper: Inquiries are welcomed by the issue editors.  

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