Mentorship Program

Pairing faculty of all ranks with faculty who have distinguished records in related arenas
Mentorship signpost

Our mentorship program pairs faculty of all ranks, interested in any of the following activities or discussions, with faculty who have distinguished records in related arenas:

  • Enhancing scholarship skills
  • Enhancing teaching skills
  • Broadening scholarly agendas
  • Further developing pedagogy
  • Examining balance of teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Exploring administration opportunities

SBE Mentors provide assistance and constructive guidance to those who desire such direction in a given substantive area.

Historically, many business ethics faculty remain the sole professor in their discipline within their units or schools. In order to gain the wisdom of colleagues’ experiences, they usually have to wait until the annual SBE conferences, if that.  The ultimate goal of the SBE Mentorship Program is the establishment of a community of faculty on whom our rising faculty can call when they seek support. This program represents a unique opportunity for professional development in a collegial, collaborative, and developmental environment.

To participate in the program and to become associated with an SBE Mentor, or to serve as a Mentor, contact Laura Hartman.
Participate in the program

I will look forward to working with you to find the most effective fit with a mentor in the Society.  For those interested in mentoring, please accept in advance my gratitude for your pledge of the most valuable “commodity” that any professional can offer—one’s time—as well as your support of this promising SBE initiative.

Laura Hartman