It is an honor and privilege to get to serve all of you as the executive director for these next 5 years. SBE has always been important to me, and it is very rewarding to get to give back. I want to especially thank Jason Stansbury and Tim Mazur personally for the many ways they provide wise counsel and thoughtful advice as I come into this role. We have a great SBE board, and I am looking forward to working alongside them as we help the SBE continue to move forward. I am also very happy that I’ll be working alongside my good friend Kendy Hess, our new treasurer (who is fantastic). 

We had our first in-person conference in 3 years in Seattle, and it was so good to be together with each other live. Many thanks to the reviewers and session organizers, emerging scholars mentors, awards committee members, and presenters, as well as Alejo Sison, the conference program organizer. We had a super group of Emerging Scholars, with Florian Krause and Joé Martineau organizing that group. Many junior scholars joined us as well this year. It is great to see so many new and upcoming voices presenting at the conference, and to hear developing work of established colleagues as well!

The SBE Board is going to start meeting quarterly, starting in September. One priority for next year’s conference is to consider some sort of hybrid option especially for those who are unable to attend in person due to financial, medical, or international issues, in order to help include more members at the conference. The Board is also considering the possibility of some limited corporate or organizational sponsorship as well, to help support some of our emerging initiatives. If you have thoughts on this, feel free to forward those to me.

Nominations are now being accepted for the upcoming election of the next member of the SBE Board of Directors. The elected candidate will serve as an at-large Board member from August 2023 to 2024, the Secretary from 2024 to 2025, the Program Chair from 2025 to 2026 (i.e., for the 2026 Annual Conference), the President from 2026 to 2027, and the Immediate Past President from 2027 to 2028. Details of the Board’s responsibilities are established in Articles III and IV of the Society’s bylaws. Current SBE members are invited to submit nominations (including self-nominations) via email to the Executive Director of the Society (me), at Nominations will be accepted through October 15.

Many thanks to those volunteers who agreed to organize SBE sessions for the Eastern, Central, and Pacific division meetings of the American Philosophical Society for the upcoming 3 years. We have some excellent younger members guiding those events, and we are excited to have representation at those events. (see more on those below)

Our DEI initiative is in good hands with a very capable group who compose the DEI committee, and we are grateful for their work in helping to make SBE as inclusive and welcoming as possible. (see more on that below)

The 2023 conference will be in Boston August 3-6, and we are again staying at the Colonnade, which is a fantastic hotel in an excellent location. The call for papers, and the conference and hotel reservation page can be found here, so be watching for those (and please do stay at our conference hotel if you would, as it helps the Society). Christopher Michaelson will be our conference organizer for the conference, and we hope to see you all there!

We are putting plans in place for the 2025 conference in Copenhagen, which is just after the 2024 conference in Chicago, and right before the 2026 conference when we will return to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

Finally, SBE wants to amplify your media mentions! Please forward any such mentions to, and / or tag SBE in your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook posts, and we will consider amplifying them over SBE media. Matt Caulfield is doing a truly outstanding job being our media guru and go-to person. (Thanks Matt!)

Every time I go to the SBE conference and get to engage with our members, I am so grateful to know such an interesting and genuinely great group of colleagues. I am thankful to be a part of it, and I will do what I can to serve you well. Please reach out to me with thoughts, ideas, or concerns.

Thank you,  
Andy Gustafson 


Andrew Gustafson, Ph.D. (phil.)
Professor of Business Ethics and Society & Executive Director of the Society of Business Ethics
Heider College of Business, Creighton University


SBE Participation with the American Philosophical Association

Below are the names of our official SBE representatives at APA conferences for the upcoming season. Please join us in thanking these volunteers:

  • Eastern: Brian Berkey and Robert Hughes 
  • Central: Mihailis Diamantis and Greg Robson
  • Pacific: Caleb Bernacchio, Grant Rozeboom, Kenneth Silver 

2023 Eastern Division Meeting
SBE is hosting a session on exploitation at the APA Eastern in 2023:

Speaker: Ruth Sample (University of New Hampshire)
Commentator: Michael Kates (St. Joseph's University)

Speaker: Daniel Munoz (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Commentator: Sahar Akhtar (Georgetown University)

2023 Central Division Meeting
SBE will host a panel on "The Meaning and Significance of Diversity for Business" at the Central Division Meeting, which will be held February 22–25, 2023 in Denver, CO.  We are looking for panelists! Find details here.

2023 Pacific Division Meeting
Additionally, submissions are invited from all for the SBE group session at the Pacific Division Meeting, which will be held in person in San Francisco, CA from April 5th-8th, 2023. More details are here.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Update

SBE's Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee is up and running! Our five-point plan for the year includes: 1) publicize DEI efforts at SBE, 2) gather richer information about SBE demographics, 3) institute an annual DEI award, 4) prepare a DEI event for the next annual conference, and 5) study ways to foster participation of SBE members based in institutions outside the USA.

In implementing this plan, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Rita Mota (Oxford University) and Dr. Florian Krause (University of St. Gallen) to the DEI team. Please email to suggest initiatives or share points of improvement. We look forward to working with you all this year!


We had a wonderful gathering in Seattle, WA for the 2022 annual meeting. Guests were able to enjoy a variety of events, including papers, panels, and workshops, an excellent keynote address, and meetings for the Emerging Scholars and Junior Scholars Network programs. Please join us in congratulating our award winners.

Best Conference Paper Award of 2022

“Against Managerial Moral Vigilantism” by Grant Rozeboom, Saint Mary’s College of California

Best Dissertation of 2022

“Lean In or Don’t Lean Out? Opt-Out Framing Attenuates Gender Differences in the Decision to Compete” by Joyce (Chong) He, PhD
Doctorate awarded by: Rotman School of Management, U. of Toronto.

Finalist #1
“Sorry Boss, I Do It My Way: Examining Pro-Organizational Misbehavior as Constructive Deviance across Contexts”
by Louisa Antonia Bloedorn, PhD
Doctorate awarded by: WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

Finalist #2
“Living With Paradoxical Tensions In Corporate Sustainability”
by Katrin Heucher, PhD
Doctorate awarded by: Loughborough U.

Best Practical Solutions Award 2022

“Everyday Business Ethics” by Rosemarie Monge, U. of St. Thomas and Nien-hê Hsieh, Harvard Business School

BEQ Outstanding Article of 2021

Vikram R. Bhargava and Manuel Velasquez
Ethics of the Attention Economy: The Problem of Social Media Addiction
BEQ 31(3), 321-359

BEQ Outstanding Reviewer Award of 2022

Ken Butterfield, Washington State U.

Presidential Award Winners

Alan Strudler, Wharton School
Jeff Frooman, U. of New Brunswick

BEQ, published by Cambridge University Press, is the official journal of the Society for Business Ethics.



  • Archie B. Carroll and Jill A. Brown have published Business & Society: Ethics, Sustainability, and Stakeholder Management, 11th Edition DETAILS



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