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Updates from Executive Director on August 2023 Annual Conference

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We are excited for this year’s Annual SBE Conference in Boston! I wanted to update you to let you know that we will start notifying those who submitted proposals about acceptance this weekend. Not all reviews have been completed, but we will let people know on a rolling basis as reviews come in, hopefully completing that by May 15th (if you are sitting on reviews, please get them in asap).

Register to confirm your spot on the program: We would like anyone whose presentation is accepted to please register soon, and absolutely no later than the 15th of June, so we can know you are coming and finalize the program. Likewise, let us know if for some reason you are not going to make it, so that we can possibly include others on the program instead.

Collonade: Also, as you probably know, it helps the Society immensely if you can possibly book your room at our conference hotel, as room-bookings is part of what we guarantee the hotel in exchange for the meeting space.

Bigger, Broader, Better: We have the most submissions we have for many years, and we are expanding the program slightly, to accommodate as many presentations as possible. As you know, in the interest of increasing widespread engagement across our membership spectrum we are including some virtual presentations as well (allowing those who for economic, political, or other reasons cannot attend).

Want to Be a Session Chair?: One last note– this year we are going to provide the opportunity for people who did not submit a presentation, but who are willing and feel competent, to volunteer to chair sessions. This involves introducing the presenters, and managing the time efficiently for fairness. (It provides an opportunity to participate in the conference, even if you didn’t get that paper finished in time for the deadline.) If you would like to be a session chair, please notify Christopher Michaelson at

You can find links both for registration and for hotel reservations here.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you this year in Boston!

Andy Gustafson