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Meaningful Work and Building an Ethical Future Forum

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When: Thursday, Feb. 16 | In-person and open to the public
Where: Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper Quad, Simmons Auditorium

From business scandals, political divisiveness, and unintended consequences of new technologies, the importance of ethics as an essential part of business and society has become overwhelmingly apparent. Consumers, investors, and employees want to support companies and organizations they view as ethically responsible.

Employees have internalized this goal by turning to their careers to contribute something meaningful and beneficial. We have seen the development of many frameworks for “building a better tomorrow,” all illuminating the general sentiment that people are eager to address our current and future challenges.

Many seek meaningful work and opportunities to build an ethical future, but what exactly does that look like, and how does that get built? Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and the non-profit Ethics in Entrepreneurship present a one-day forum exploring these questions with a diverse range of speakers from industry, academia, and the public sector.