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SBE Panel at 2023 Central APA Meeting

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Saturday, February 25
2:00pm – 4:50pm

G6A.Society for Business Ethics
The Meaning and Relevance of Diversity for Business

SBE-organized panel on “The Meaning and Value of Diversity in Business” set up for the February 2023 Central APA meeting. Precise conference schedule date/time forthcoming. The panelists and topics are:

  • John Hasnas (Georgetown) — “The Vacuity of Diversity”
  • Lauren Kaufmann (Virginia) — “On Valuing Women: Advancing an Intersectional Theory of Gender Diversity in Organizations”
  • Albena Neschen (FOM University) — “Gender Bias in Performance Evaluations: The Impact of Gender Quotas”
  • Jessica Rixom (Nevada (Reno)) — “Mandating Diversity on the Board of Directors: Do Investors Feel that Gender Quotas Result in Tokenism or Added Value for Firms?”

SBE Organizers: Mihailis Diamantis (U Iowa) & Gregory Robson (Iowa State)