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MacIntyrean virtue ethics for organizations, work and employment: what more and what else?

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Alasdair MacIntyre has been one of the leading moral philosophers of the 20th and early 21st centuries. His critique of modernity in general, and the Enlightenment project in particular, has been countered with his positive proposals to return to an ethic of virtue based principally on the work of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. One remarkable feature of his work has been its application to a wide range of disciplines beyond philosophy – see ‘Learning from MacIntyre’, ed. Ron Beadle & Geoff Moore, Pickwick Publications, 2020. Of specific relevance to this Research Topic is the application of his work to organizations in general, and business organizations in particular, with its implications for work as participation within practices, meaningful work and employment. This was summarized in Geoff Moore’s book, ‘Virtue at Work: Ethics for Individuals, Managers, and Organizations’, OUP, 2017. However, since this was published, there has been both a considerable number of further publications in this area, and MacIntyre has himself written ‘Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity’, CUP, 2016, with insights into personal and organizational ethics which were not captured in Moore’s book.

The goal of this Frontiers Research Topic is threefold: first, to update the summary of the application of MacIntyre’s work to organizations, work and employment that was included in Moore (2017) – ‘Where are we now?’; second, to invite critical reflections on this body of work which have generally been lacking in the literature – ‘What criticisms of the work to date does future work need to take into account?’; and third, to invite both general reflections and more specific work that develops the field – ‘What more and what else?’.

Guest editors are Geoff Moore, Caleb Bernacchio, Marta Rocchi and Angus Robson.

Details and submission guidelines may be found here: MacIntyrean virtue ethics for organizations, work and employment: what more and what else? | Frontiers Research Topic (

Deadlines are: Abstracts by 25 February 2022; Papers by 30 June 2022.