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“Analysis and Implications of the Social Rights” by M. Isabel Garrido Gómez

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M. Isabel Garrido Gómez announces the publication of Análisis e implicaciones de los derechos sociales / Analysis and Implications of the Social Rights, Dykinson, Madrid -Spain-, 2021.

The book Analysis and Implications of Social Rights (Análisis e implicaciones de los derechos sociales, Dykinson, Madrid -Spain-, 2021) reviews the most characteristic aspects of the social rule of law and the main instruments it uses to achieve the emancipation of the citizen.  Structurally, the book is divided into seven chapters and, in addition to what has just been indicated, it reviews the main conceptual notions and problems arising from the right to food and water, health, work, social security and basic income, education and housing. In short, it is observed that social rights constitute a correction of social inequalities and, in order to make them more effective, strengthening the judicial mechanisms that directly apply international human rights law, the performance of Ombudsmen or improving appropriate legal techniques to make rights permeable, is required. Therefore, it is a very useful work for academics and for those working with social rights in practice.

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