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Exploring the Predictive Power of Guilt with Taya Cohen

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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released a podcast series focused on Banking Culture Reform: Norms, Mindsets, and Decision-Making ( The series of nine episodes dives into banking culture reform, examining the norms and mindsets that contribute to ethical decision-making. I discuss my work on moral character in Episode 2: Exploring the Predictive Power of Guilt.


EPISODE 02 : Exploring the Predictive Power of Guilt

Taya Cohen

Taya Cohen is an associate professor of organizational behavior and theory at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business. She studies moral character in the workplace, including the predictive power of guilt proneness in individuals. In this episode, Taya discusses why highly guilt prone individuals may have a moral advantage and shares her perspective on individuals’ proclivities toward ethical behavior and honesty, as well as how to hire for these traits.

Bank Notes List of episodes (

Episode 01, President John C. Williams: “Recognizing the Importance of Culture (Introduction)”
Episode 02, Taya Cohen: “Exploring the Predictive Power of Guilt”
Episode 03, Mark Mortensen, “Establishing Values, Not Rules”
Episode 04, Holly Ridings: “Prioritizing People and Mission… in Space”
Episode 05, Elizabeth “Zab” Johnson: “Applying Neuroscience in the Workplace”
Episode 06, David Grosse: “Understanding Behaviors in Context”
Episode 07, Betsy Levy Paluck: “Shaping (and Re-Shaping) What’s ‘Normal’”
Episode 08, Mark Roe: “Building Processes That Serve Everyone”
Episode 09, Mikael Down: “Reforming the Financial Services Industry”