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“Digital Transformation and Ethics” by Kirchschläger

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Kirchschläger, P. G. (2021). Digital Transformation and Ethics: Ethical Considerations on the Robotization and Automatization of Society and Economy and the Use of Artificial Intelligence. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

This book discusses digitalization, robotization, and automation of society and of the economy and the use of artificial intelligence from an ethical perspective. After an introduction on the correlation between morality and technology and an assessment of the moral capability of technologies, the book introduces ethical principles serving the evaluation of the digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence. Subsequently, the digital transformation and its chances and challenges are analyzed from an ethical standpoint. Finally, ethical approaches addressing the challenges are developed.

“This book is about fundamental, yet rarely addressed, aspects of the digital journey – ethics and values. Highly valuable for anyone who ambitions to have a positive impact with technology.” (Silvio Napoli, Chairman of Schindler Group)

“Will data-based technologies come to control us, will some humans master them toward manipulating the rest? Peter G Kirchschlaeger’s book provides the ethical orientation we urgently need to hold these rapidly advancing technologies consistent with the human rights and dignity of all human beings.” (Professor Dr Thomas Pogge, Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University, USA)

“This book is a definitive must for everyone who is interested to learn about the intersection of AI, Ethics and Society. Peter G Kirchschlaeger’s thoughts on the digital transformation from an ethical perspective represent a substantial contribution to a debate that we need to pursue on a well informed basis.” (Professor Dr Dr h.c. Frank Kirchner, Director Robotics Innovation Center, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI, Germany)

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