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Reflections from Libby Scott on her time as Managing Editor at BEQ

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The Managing Editor’s perch gives one a unique perspective on a journal and the scholars in a discipline. When Gary Weaver asked me to become Managing Editor, he said “BEQ takes a developmental approach. I know we’re doing a good job when we receive thank you notes even from people whose papers we reject.”  I have seen that embedded in the culture as papers work their way through. Reviewers provide detailed, specific, and helpful comments to authors, even when their recommendation to the editor is “Reject.” Editors carefully consider and synthesize the reviewers’ positions in constructive decisions.  Authors mention the improvements in their articles directly attributable to the quality of the reviews and editorial guidance. I’ve worked with 3 Editors-in-Chief and more Associate Editors and Reviewers than I can count.  Were some of them sometimes less-than-perfect in their response or response time?  Of course.  Most had demanding full-time jobs, and I was privileged to learn of many joys and sorrows that took them away from attending to BEQ matters now and then. Even though BEQ’s approach probably did not seem developmental to some authors, SBE has a right to be proud of its journal.  As I leave, I feel reassured that the journal is in good hands. The new Managing Editor, Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti, is already doing far more (and better) work than I ever did.  She is facilitating the transition for the new editorial team taking over this summer. The journal relies on SBE members to send their best work, whether as authors, reviewers, or editors. I would like to thank each of you for the way you have supported BEQ in the past and encourage you to continue to do so. BEQ itself is improving with every year.  I look forward to seeing what develops.

-Libby Scott, former Managing Editor at Business Ethics Quarterly