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Contesting Social Responsibilities of Business: Experiences in Context

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Human Relations Special Issue Call for Papers

Contesting Social Responsibilities of Business: Experiences in Context

DEADLINE: 28 February 2022

Guest Editors
Premilla D’Cruz, Nolywé Delannon, Lauren McCarthy,
Arno Kourula, Jeremy Moon and Laura J. Spence

Human Relations Associate Editor
Jean-Pascal Gond

The last decade has been marked by massive contestations related to the social responsibilities of business, in both the global South and global North (Ozkazanc-Pan, 2019). This Special Issue aims to explore the local and contextualized experiences of social responsibilities (Karam & Jamali, 2017; Matten & Moon, 2020) and how they are contested (Alamgir & Banerjee, 2019; McCarthy, Soundararajan & Taylor, 2020; Soundararajan, Spence & Rees, 2018). These include interpersonal, inter-organizational, institutional, ideological, and discursive contestations, among others (e.g. Gutierrez-Huerter et al., 2020; Hamann et al., 2020; Whelan et al., 2009), while emphasizing elements such as the micro-level dynamics of relational work (Girschik, Svystunova & Lysova 2020; Glavas, 2016; Gond & Moser, 2021; Noronha, D’Cruz & Banday, 2020;), conflict (Brand, Blok & Verweij, 2020), tensions (Mitra & Buzzanell, 2017; Nyberg & Wright, 2013), unintended consequences (Banerjee & Jackson, 2017) and power (Shamir, 2005).

Our objectives are three-fold. First, we want to re-conceptualize the social responsibilities of business organizations by advancing research using a relational perspective. Second, we seek to explore and bring to the fore experiences of different forms of contestation of these social responsibilities. Third, we aim to highlight the role of context of the social responsibilities of business (Pisani et al., 2017), focusing especially on contestation in overlooked geographic settings and sites of marginalization.

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