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“Leadership by Values” by Ramesh Subramanian

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Ramesh Subramanian et al, Leadership by Values – The Proverbial Cwtch of The Panglossian, Notion Press India, 2020

The eternal hug of the ever-optimistic Leader, to his values is what is being de-constructed in this book. It delves into the mind of a Leader, the interplay that happens in his amygdala, hijacked positively perpetually, when it comes to Values. Leadership is all about being here, now, experiencing it and there is no better way to showcase, than walking the talk on Values. A read perhaps would help, those interested in understanding Leadership and Values, in the right earnest and intonation. It is also our humble attempt to make this world a better place by endeavouring to help Leaders’ foster a values-based organisational culture by taking cognizance of key leadership challenges of today and understanding how a values-based culture can help.

The book also speaks on “Values” accomplished Leaders tow, at every juncture in their professional journey. It starts with Leadership Essence, the Values System, moving on to Cultivation of Values, the Values Tree, “CIPE” a Values Framework Pyramidical Model as  in (Core, Imbibed, Practiced & Etched Values), Values Coaching, Values Mentoring, Values Journal, Organizational Moorings culminating with Values Depicted In Pictures  etc.,

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