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Ethical Consumerism in Emerging Markets: Opportunities & Challenges

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Journal of Business Ethics: Call for Papers – Ethical Consumerism in Emerging Markets: Opportunities and Challenges


Guest Editors:

Dr. Smirti Kutaula, Kingston Business School, UK,

Dr. Alvina Gillani, Surrey Business School, UK,

Dr. Diana Gregory-Smith, Newcastle University Business School, UK,

Professor Boris Bartikowski, Kedge Business School, France,


Submission Deadline: September 30, 2021

The evolution of emerging markets into economic power houses, fuelled by increasing consumer spending is driving global development (Sharma et al., 2018; Arunachalam et al., 2019; Deloitte, 2020). There is also growing dependence of developed countries on emerging markets for manufacturing and services. These factors have significant implications for the triple bottom line- people, planet and profit, with increasing responsibility of sustainable production and consumption practices on producers and consumers in these markets (Narasimhan et al., 2015; Rausch et al., 2016; Carrington et al., 2020). As consumers are becoming more aware of the ethical considerations of their consumption choices, they are expecting greater transparency from firms and demanding an end to exploitative practices, resulting in a fairer society. In key emerging markets such as India, Brazil, Turkey, China, South Africa and Mexico, socially responsible consumption is gaining traction, thus there is more potential purchasing power to invest in ethical products (Jung et al., 2016; Papaoikonomou & Alarcón, 2017).

This special issue aims to advance the existing theoretical conceptualizations and expand empirically based knowledge to engender understanding of the differences and dynamics of ethical consumption in emerging markets. This special issue will help provide a platform of knowledge which will aid the expansion of established theoretical frontiers and create empirical insights into the rationalizations related to ethical consumption, thereby, offering important implications for theory and practice.

We strongly welcome papers from scholars who research in the area of ethical consumerism or cross-cultural ethical consumption in the emerging markets.

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