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The Ethics & Legal Studies Doctoral Program at Wharton invites applications for Fall 2019.
Wharton’s PhD program in Ethics & Legal Studies is the first doctoral program of its kind. The
program prepares students for academic careers with a focus on business ethics and/or business law. Graduates of the program go on to tenure-track careers in teaching and research at leading universities. Information on recent student placement is available at the following website

Students take a core set of courses in the areas of philosophical ethics and law in business, together with courses in an additional disciplinary concentration such as management, philosophy, law, or marketing. Students have the option of taking courses in other Wharton departments as well as across the university. Students also have the opportunity to pursue joint degrees. Faculty research in the Legal Studies & Business Ethics Department at Wharton concentrates on several broad areas: business ethics, business law, negotiations, legal and moral theory, and international ethical and legal issues.

Students enter the program from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including
undergraduate degrees in business, philosophy, pre-law, psychology, and sociology. Some
students have earned master degrees or law degrees prior to admission. Prior coursework in ethics, law, social sciences, or philosophy is considered a plus, although no formal credentials in any one of these areas is a prerequisite.

The expected time required to complete the degree is five years. All entering students will receive tuition waivers and health insurance, as well as an annual living stipend, contingent upon good standing. The deadline for doctoral program applications is December 15. Strong GRE or GMAT scores are required. GRE scores are preferred. The last possible test date for the GRE and GMAT is December 15. Official results must be available by mid-January.

To enrich the field of business academia and research, we encourage applicants from all personal backgrounds.

Program information may be obtained online at the following web address: Applicants may apply online for the Doctoral Program.