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Winter Newsletter Announcement

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Hello Everyone,

On behalf of the Society for Business Ethics, I would like to invite members to submit content for our upcoming Winter Newsletter by Thursday, February 1.

Please email submissions to me at, with the subject line “SBE Winter Newsletter.”

Potential newsletter content includes announcements of open positions, conferences, and competitions, as well as sundry calls for papers.

These are also posted on the SBE website, and in many cases members opt to send them to the Listserv as well. We will furthermore begin posting these to the Society for Business Ethics page on LinkedIn (; if you follow SBE on LinkedIn, then you will receive these notices in your news feed. These complementary media enable announcements to reach an audience of SBE members and friends promptly.

Note that following SBE on LinkedIn is different from joining the SBE Group on LinkedIn . . . that is a forum to which group members may contribute, but it is not controlled by SBE.

Current SBE members are also welcome to submit their professional news to the newsletter. These may include news of promotion or tenure . . . new positions . . . dissertation defenses . . . book publications . . . awards . . . or retirements. These items will be included in the newsletter, which is sent to current members, but not posted to the SBE website, Listserv, or LinkedIn page.

News of non-monograph publications, presentations, media mentions, or other CV items . . . laudable though they may be . . . will not typically be included in the newsletter.

I look forward to receiving your submissions! – Jason

Dr. Jason M. Stansbury

Executive Director, Society for Business Ethics

James & Judith Chambery Chair for the Study of Ethics in Business

Associate Professor of Business Calvin College