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Calls for Papers

International Humanistic Management Conference

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The organizers of the International Humanistic Management Conference, Seattle, October 24-26, 2017, invite your paper and workshop submissions.  For papers, a short abstract is due June 30 with a full paper draft due September 1.

The purpose of the conference is to provide an interactive forum bringing together leaders from a wide range of sectors, institutions, industries, and communities to explore the nature of resilience in a time of profound change. The complexity and pace of change presents significant challenges but also opportunities. The systemic implications for business, institutions, communities, individuals, and the environment are far-reaching since the impact in one domain inevitably has an impact on others. We specifically wish to explore the notions of human dignity and the contributions of management to stakeholder well-being.

To engage in the exploration of the conference theme: Building Resilience in a Changing World, The Humanistic Management Network/Association you are invited to do one or all of the following:

  1. Submit a paper for presentation at the conference, and/or   

  2. Submit a workshop proposal for a 90 minute workshop or interactive presentation, and/or

3. Register for and participate in the Humanistic Management Conference in Seattle on October 24-26, 2017.

We look forward to learning with you about your cutting-edge research, and your most powerful experiences and insights to generate a dynamic, interactive dialogue with academic peers and professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors.  

Conceptual thoughts

The dynamic pace and range of change can bring both opportunity and peril. Change can be invigorating and open up new options for leadership, product and market development, policy creation, and more.  Change may also be overwhelming for individuals, institutions and societies. If the only constant is change, then leaders and organizations must actively seek to build resilience into their lives, that of their employees, their organizational systems, planning and execution processes, so that they are prepared to weather and even respond productively.  Resilience cannot be left to chance.  

The Humanistic Management Network invites you to explore the implications of living in an era of rapid, often disruptive change. What are the implications for the survival and success of businesses and institutions?  What differentiates those people, groups and institutions who thrive amidst the seeming chaos of constant change?  What is the impact on productivity, creativity, employee commitment, and community and societal vitality?  How can approaches to resilience strengthen both our enterprises and the people and communities that support them?

2. Relevant Topics for Papers and/or Workshops/Presentations

We encourage you to write papers or develop 90-minute workshops (or presentations) relevant to the conference theme, focusing on topics and questions that connect with your professional experiences and scholarly research. The following topics are offered as starting points for your consideration, but we encourage you to tap into your own creativity and insight to develop and explore themes that most resonate for you. These papers and workshops will provide rich foundations for our conversations and work together at the conference.

  • The Nexus of Dignity, Well-Being, Productivity and Resilience

  • Responding to Rapid Change: The Role of Humanistic Management Practices

  • Leadership, Dignity and Well-Being

  • Practices of Personal Resilience Amidst Organizational Change

  • Building Resilience: Strengthening Organizational Values, Core Competencies and Employee Skills

  • Building Environmental Resilience into Your Core business

  • Building Resilience: Issues and Opportunities for Humanistic Management

  • Your Theory of Change

  • Resilience: Changing How We Change

  • Humanistic Management in a Time of Constant Change

  • Engaging the heart in management

  • Compassion at the work place

3. Submission Details
REMOVE : All submissions should be written in Word, using 12pt font with double line spacing and 1” margins. Please include a title page (not included in word count), including your name, institution, and contact information.

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