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Doctoral Dissertation Award Competition for 2017

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The Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division of the Academy of Management recognizes exemplary completion of doctoral study through the annual Doctoral Dissertation Award competition. The SIM Doctoral Dissertation Award is supported by the Institute for Ethics in Business at Duquesne University. This year’s award will be announced at a panel session of the 2017 Academy of Management Conference in Atlanta. During that session, three award finalists will present their dissertation work and discuss insights for future research. The award winner will receive a $500 cash prize.


To be eligible for consideration, 6 requirements of the dissertation must be met:

1) It must have been successfully defended between February 1st, 2015 and February 28th, 2017

2) It must be written in the English language

3) It must focus on some aspect of the relationship between business and society (see for more details on the SIM division’s mission)

4) It must not be submitted to any other Academy division in the same year

5) The application must be received by the committee chair on or beforeJune 10, 2017

6) The dissertation author must be in attendance at the 2017 AOM conference to present their work.


The primary criteria for selection are as follows (for further information please see Muethel, M., Social Issues in Management Division Award Competition for 2013: Acknowledging Exemplary Research Processes and Outcomes in Doctoral Study. Business & Society, 2015. 54(3): S. 365-375):

1) Domain relevance

2) Innovativeness of research question

3) Significance of contribution

4) Adequacy of literature review

5) Conceptual development

6) Methodological appropriateness

7) Presentation style


To apply for the award, the following materials (4 electronic files) must be received via email by the SIM Dissertation Award Committee Chair on or before June 10, 2017:

1) An abstract including references of no more than 10 double-spaced pages, 1” margins throughout, 12-point Times New Roman font, paginated at the center-bottom of each page, no appendix, in a single Adobe (.pdf) file, excluding identities of author, university, and advisors; the document should be named “Abstract.pdf”.

2) Electronic copy (PDF file) of the complete dissertation thesis, excluding identities of author, university, and advisors; the document should be named “Thesis.pdf”.

3) A copy of the signature page, with university name, signatures, and date of defense, in a separate file from the abstract; the document should be named “Signature Page.pdf”.

4) A title page with the author’s current mailing address, telephone number, and email address, in a separate file from the abstract and signature page. The document should be named “Title Page.pdf”.

Please note that you may submit an award application to only 1 Academy division per year, but your dissertation is eligible for an award for 2 years after completion. Therefore, you may submit your dissertation to SIM 2 years in a row, or you may submit to SIM 1 year and to a different division another year.


To be considered for the SIM 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Award, please email (1) your completed application and (2) confirmation of your attendance at the 2017 AOM conference in Atlanta to:

Dr. Erica L. Steckler, SIM Dissertation Award Committee,


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