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Volume XXIV, Summer, Number 1

Recent Publications by SBE Members

Recent publications of interest to SBE members, written by SBE members include:

Bundy, J., Shropshire, C., and Bucholtz, A. (2013). Strategic Cognition and Issue Salience: Toward an Explanation of Firm Responsiveness to Stakeholder Concerns. Academy of Management Review 38(3): 352-376.

Hussain, W. (2012). Corporations, Profit Maximization and the Personal Sphere. Economics and Philosophy 28: 311-331.

Sepinwall, A. (2013). Responsibility, Repair and Redistribution in the Wake of the Financial Crisis. Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 11: 301-316.

Treviño, L. K., Den Nieuwenboer, N. A., & Kish-Gephart, J. J. (2014). (Un)ethical behavior in organizations. Annual Review of Psychology. Available online through http://www.annualreviews.org/journal/psych.

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