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Volume XXIV, Summer, Number 1

2013 Annual Meeting



This August 9-11, we meet near Orlando, Florida, at Walt Disney World®! The main part of the meeting starts Friday afternoon with a welcoming session (1:00 pm) and ends Sunday evening with a farewell reception (5:30 pm). In between we promise you stimulating paper presentations, panel discussions, and seminars, in addition to collegiality, conversation, and just plain fun. (And for those arriving early, we will have our International Reception Thursday evening, around 5:00 pm.). The entire schedule for the Annual Conference can be found here.

 Our Hotel and Its Convenient Transportation within the Walt Disney World® Resort

Our hotel will be the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, the flagship hotel of the Walt Disney World® Resort.  An elegant, Victorian-style grand hotel, it offers all the amenities you would expect of such a fine resort hotel. It will be somewhat removed from the Academy of Management hotels—far enough to preserve both our identity and our sanity, but close enough that members can go back and forth via the special shuttle buses SBE has chartered for that purpose. The chartered buses will leave every half-hour from our hotel and will be subsidized out of the room rate Walt Disney World® has offered us. (In other words, Walt Disney World® is offsetting part of our meeting costs via a rebate on our guest rooms, and the Society will use the rebate to pay for the charter buses.)

The Walt Disney World® Resort consists of theme parks (e.g., the Magic Kingdom), resort hotels (e.g., our Grand Floridian), championship golf courses (e.g., the world class Magnolia, a mainstay of the PGA tour), water parks (e.g., Blizzard Beach), a shopping district (i.e., Downtown Disney), in addition to other  attractions too numerous to name (e.g., Cirque du Soleil is in permanent residence at Walt Disney World®). Complimentary transportation is available to all of these exciting places.  The Grand Floridian has monorail service to two of the theme parks–the Magic Kingdom (direct) and Epcot (via a connection).  Walt Disney World’s® fleet of buses can easily take one everywhere else.

A fun but serious setting for our meeting

Additionally, Walt Disney World® conference facilities may be second-to-none. The Grand Floridian’s convention center is located in its own building, attached to the hotel. This means there won’t be families and children moving about as we conduct our scholarship and our business. And because the Grand Floridian is the flagship resort, and due to its premium pricing, in general one tends to see fewer young families and in their place a somewhat older guest clientele. (This doesn’t mean that children aren’t welcome—of course they are!  It simply means there are fewer of them than one might expect.) Finally, there are plenty of quiet “nooks” to hole oneself up in throughout the hotel, and at the conference site I will have a work area set up in one of our meeting rooms. It will have cafe tables for people to network at and to work on collaborative projects.

I look forward to seeing you soon in Orlando!

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