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One of the most valuable accomplishments of the Society for Business Ethics is the warm and collegial mentorship environment it has created for PhD students. For a number of years the society has coordinated a mentorship program, and last year the Society began holding a special workshop for our emerging scholar PhD students at its Annual Conference.

Additionally, for those emerging scholars qualifying for the Founders’ Award, the Society covers their annual membership fees as well as their Presidential Luncheon tickets at the Annual Conference.

The Emerging Scholar Facebook Group

One of the goals of the SBE emerging scholar program is to enable emerging scholars in the field of business ethics to network with fellow PhD students. The purpose of the SBE Emerging Scholars Facebook Group is to help these PhD students build a community, socialize, and remain involved with SBE as they progress through their academic careers. The Group may be used to share scholarly information, and also to plan meetings and social gatherings at the annual conference (and during the rest of the year).

Each year, the newly appointed emerging scholars are invited to join the Facebook Group, where they can get to know the rest of the emerging scholars and learn about each other’s research ahead of the annual conference. The Group may be used to provide information about trip planning and shared accommodations during the annual conference, as well as to share impromptu social plans and exclusive reception invitations during the SBE and AOM meetings.

The Group will also allow emerging scholars to stay in touch with each other after the annual conference, as they travel for research or present their work at other conferences. Emerging scholars may also make posts to the Group when they suspect their colleagues might be able to help them with their research questions. For example: “SBE friends: does anyone happen to have an electronic copy of Kenneth Arrow’s paper on Market Failures? I cannot seem to find it anywhere.” Or: “SBE experts in Human rights: I’m writing a paper on x and citing scholars that believe xx about xxx. Any citation pointers would be much appreciated!”. Discussing their research together on Facebook and getting to know each other’s research interests via posts and comments can be an excellent route to starting co-authorships and collaborations.

As well, emerging scholars are encouraged to record audio/video presentations of their new research material. This material will be posted to the website, and users will be able to subscribe to the feed with RSS.

The Society for Business Ethics Facebook Group is here to help us get organized, connect online, and build our community, whether it is by discussing research or by having fun. Please note that this is a “closed” group reserved for past and present SBE Emerging Scholars.
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