Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights

Edited by



Edward Eldgar Publishers (2012)
ISBN: 978 1 78100 576 7×

Human rights issues have long played an important role in the strategies of, and the roles played by, corporations around the world. This book focuses on these issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The authors examine the nature of and the limits of human rights responsibilities of business. They explore whether the protection of human rights should play a role in the regulation of international trade by bodies like the World Trade Organization and examine the effectiveness of voluntary standards in the clothing textiles trade, mining, advertising and the pharmaceutical industries.

Scholars and students in management, philosophy, political science, and sociology will find this volume a great resource, as will activists, managers and policy makers.

Contributors inlcude:

  • J.D. Bishop, T. Campbell
  • C. Coumans
  • W. Cragg, B. Hamm
  • A.M. Macleod
  • P.B. Potter
  • C. Sampford
  • A. Wellington
  • F. Wettstein, S. Wood

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