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The last thing the world needs is another journal. Luckily, the Business Ethics Journal Review, edited by Alexei Marcoux and Chris MacDonald, isn’t another journal; it’s a journal review.

Traditional journals do their best work when vetting and publishing original research. They do less well as vehicles for scholarly criticism and commentary after publication. That’s where the Business Ethics Journal Review comes in.

Inspired by Econ Journal Watch and “letters” journals in the sciences, the Business Ethics Journal Review will publish refereed Commentaries: short (500- to 2000-word) essays addressing one aspect of a recently published journal article. When a Commentary is published, the author of the commented-upon journal article has a standing invitation to reply. Others may join the discussion either by submitting a formal commentary or by contributing informally to the discussion on the Business Ethics Journal Review website.

Why submit to the Business Ethics Journal Review?

1. Fast editorial process

The Business Ethics Journal Review aims to give authors full resolution – from submission to publication – in thirty days. Your submitted commentary is reviewed by one referee who offers a recommendation of accept, minor revisions, or reject. Whereas traditional journals string authors along with ambiguous referee reports and multiple rounds of review, the Business Ethics Journal Review process gets to yes (or no) quickly.

2. Even faster publication

At the Business Ethics Journal Review, there’s no waiting months for your work to appear. The Business Ethics Journal Review publishes immediately, in final form, on acceptance. Like The Federalist, each published commentary is its own issue of the Business Ethics Journal Review (i.e., the first one will be vol. 1, no. 1, the second vol. 1, no. 2, and so forth). Thus, there is no waiting for your accepted commentary to be “assigned” to an issue appearing months or even years later. (How 20th century is that?) Your commentary appears as a handsome, self-contained PDF—complete with high production values.

3. Easy on readers

The Business Ethics Journal Review is on the Internet for any and all to see at There are no subscription walls, library access portals, or other impediments to reading your work.

 4. 21st century publicity model

The Business Ethics Journal Review publicizes its articles individually on the SBE list, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on the Business Ethics Journal Review website. Each commentary will also appear as a blogpost on the Business Ethics Journal Review with a link to the PDF.

5. Back-and-forth, give-and-take

Commented-upon authors are invited to respond formally via submission to Business Ethics Journal Review and have a standing invitation to do so. Because commentaries also as appear as blogposts on the Business Ethics Journal Review website, there is a vehicle for informal feedback by way of blog comments, as well.

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